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Curvemeister Demo
PS v5 or later

Check out the demo version of the new Curvemeister Photoshop plugin
Download now: (Windows version)

A note about zip files. Windows users may use the Winzip utility to access material from the zip files included on this page. There is a Macintosh version of Winzip, or Macintosh users may use Stuffit Expander to access the same information.
Although most of the downloads here are compatible with both Macintosh and Windows, some zip files, including the Curvemeister demo, contain executable files that are not Macintosh compatible.

The Ink Police Action
Windows or Mac

This is for CMYK images. It is a set of Photoshop actions that select areas whose total ink coverage exceeds a previously determined value. The name Ink Police is historical, and refers to the decision to reject a print job because it uses too much ink, or is otherwise out of spec.

[description] [download]

Windows Only

Having problems installing Adobe Camera Raw? AcrChecker is a free Windows program that displays system information that may help diagnose Adobe Camera Raw installation problems. You may paste this information into an email to provide information about your installation.
AcrChecker can also display information about all of your installed plugins.
Description: AcrChecker
Download now: (Windows only exeutable)

Pseudo Profile
or Mac

This is a pseudo profile that may be used for the recovery of certain severely underexposed images.
Download now: (Windows or Macintosh)

PS v6 or later

Meet Gamut Plotter's big brother, LabMeter. This specially constructed Lab image allows you plenty of elbow room and interactive control, resulting in a more precise handle on what your profiles are doing, or not doing, with your colors.
Tutorial: LabMeter
  Download now:(Macintosh and Windows zip file, 36Kb)

Wide gamut CMYK profile
PS v5 or later

This profile allows Photoshop users to work in CMYK while preserving most of the gamut of RGB.  It is a modified version of Adobe RGB 
working space profile.

Tutorial: Wide Gamut CMYK Tutorial
  Download now: (Windows and Macintosh zip file, 337Kb)

Color Profile Plotter
PS v5 or later

This Windows-only Photoshop action provides an RGB 
graph of the specified profile.

Tutorial: Curvemeister Unveils your profiles
Download now: Windows PS6 through CS4

Color Gamut Plotter
PS v6 or later

A specially prepared Lab image that is used to display a 
3-D graph of any profile.

Tutorial: Run the Gamut!
Download now: (Windows and Macintosh zip file)

Printer Test Strip
all versions

This test strip has a step wedge for detecting color casts. It also has flesh tones, and is designed to save you from spending a fortune on paper!
Tutorial: Printer Test Strip Procedure
Download now: (Windows and Macintosh)