Welcome to the new site!

We have updated the Curvemeister site to freshen the look, inject some new ideas, and generally just “get more modern”.   Also, most importantly, we are considering ways to get our blogs out there on the main web page, and to allow you, our customers and others who are interested in curves and color correction, a way to comment on the items that we post.

The main forum is still there, and is the preferred place to get your questions answered, find out about new releases, beta versions, and so forth.  We are working on a way to integrate the forum with this web page, but at the moment you need to create a new account, or use facebook or google to login to the new site.

The new site will be hosting more than just the sales and information for Curvemeister.  We are going to try to resurrect the Curvemeister Challenge by using some of the tools available to us on the new site, we will be moving the classes here in the very near future, and we are linking all of the teaching and conference call videos to the site as well.

Look for Curvemeister in other social media.  We have a Pinterest site, a Facebook presence, as well as Twitter, and our forum.

We want to hear from you and welcome any feedback both positive and negative about the site, the plugin and the classes.

Mike Russell and Greg Groess


  • Lewis Miller says:

    I will be purchasing a new Windows 7 64 bit computer. I have Curvemeister on my old computer. It has been registered with you. How do I move it to my new computer to be installed in my Adobe Photoshop Version 5.0? Thank you for your help.

  • Mike Russell says:

    Hi Lewis,

    The original download link and serial number are active for your product. Download the installer and provide your serial number and name when the installer asks for them. Please let me know if you would like me to re-send your serial number information.


  • castenholz says:

    Help! I had a hard disk crash and now when I install Curvemeister 3.8 64 bit no files are written to the chosen directory. If I install the 32 bit version, photoshop loads with an error and will not load the plug in.

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