Lake Sabrina GG

With such a subjective image I chose to reduce the blues and enhance the contrast. I also took some steps to reduce the noise. - Greg

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  • mpetrof says:

    I really appreciate seeing this image in a new light. I’m in agreement w/you and Doug S. on increasing the contrast. I’m amazed that although they look similar in the gallery ‘thumbnails’ the effect is quite different. Yours keeps the glowering feeling while his brings up the sun on the distant range to a very different effect. Did you increase the contrast selectively, using curves,? It’s exciting so see.

  • Greg Groess says:

    I used multiple curves in both LAB and CMYK to reduce the blue in the clouds and to try to hold some of the drama you captured. This is a wonderfully subjective image and there most likely will not be a “correct” version. Thanks for sharing.

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