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Curvemeister allows you  to have the freedom of expression you need in your images by opening the door to the power and ease of using the curve data in the image.  By replacing the Photoshop Curves layer with our plugin you can quickly and easily re-imagine your image and bring out the subtle details and striking colors you always wanted from your digital images and scans. Continue The Tour

Complete Creative Control

Using Curvemeister allows you to be more creative by leveraging the power of layers and masks within the plugin.  You can create a mask in one color channel and apply it to the image without having to change the image mode or creating a masking layer.  Curvemeister allows you to imagine your image in multiple color spaces simultaneously without having to reopen the image or make a layer stack.  Expanded color range is easily accomplished in Curvemeister by using unique tools for curve manipulation and Curvemeisters Hue Clocks.   Show Me The Goods

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