The Curvemeister 101 Class, 6 weekly sessions


Curvemeister 101: beginner’s class in color correction using Curvemeister.  6 weekly sessions, plus one year of access to class materials and videos



The Curvemeister 101 class is without equal in online photographic instruction.  There are no requirements for this class.

This class will give you a solid foundation in color correction using Curvemeister. You will receive expert and personal instruction from the ground up from Greg Groess, a practicing professional photographer.

The class consists of 6 weekly sessions including class written material, examples to be done as homework, and a weekly online video discussion conducted by Greg.  You will have access to class materials for a total of 6 months, should you wish to review the materials.

Topics include

  • Get a solid foundation in color correction with Curvemeister
  • A friendly, professional atmosphere
  • Clearly written concepts and problem sets
  • Videos, if you prefer to learn by seeing.
  • Weekly interactive, instructor led video sessions
  • Individual feedback on every effort you make
  • Concept and Practice: Shadow and Highlight
  • Concept and Practice: Neutral
  • Concept and Practice: Color saturation and variation
  • Concept and Practice: RGB, Lab, HSB, and CMYK color spaces