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for owners onlyWelcome to Curvemeister 3!

If you have not yet purchased Curvemeister, this download location is for owners only. We invite you to try out the demo, or purchase Curvemeister .

Download Curvemeister

We keep this download reasonably up to date. To check for even newer versions of Curvemeister, join the Curvemeister forum and check out the
forum's download area


After downloading, please use the following procedure to install your new copy of Curvemeister 3.

  1. You will need your serial number to complete the installation of your new product.
  2. Double click the .exe file produced in the previous step, and follow the instructions. Your serial number will be required during the install process.

If you encounter any problems while installing or using Curvemeister, or if you have any questions, we would greatly appreciate it if you took the time to .
We think you will be pleasantly surprised at how quick and responsive our support team is.

Yours Truly,
   Mike Russell, der Curvemeister


For best viewing, adjust your monitor until you can see all the squares.

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