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Postby mikemeister_admin » Fri Sep 21, 2007 9:00 am

Hello again
When examining this image I noticed that the sky has little colour and tended towards blueand cyan.
I also noticed that the orange coloured cliffs were more yellow than magenta and so decided to increase the yellow by increasing the slope of the yellow side of the B channel. I first pinned the zero point.
I did nothing with the magenta side of the B channell.
The A channel was adjusted to make the cliff face jump out of the page and at the same time to bring a pleasing warm tone to the sky.
The L channel was adjusted to lighten and bring out detail in the shadows.


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Postby ggroess » Fri Sep 21, 2007 6:24 pm

As you get more familuar with LAB you will find yourself wanting to adjust specific colors with it...

Adjust ing the end of the curves does change the color of the image but it has more of a "hue" adjustment rather than a specific color range. 

Try this:
in the image where you want to adjust the yellow. 
Right click on the spot you want to effect and select "mark"  now go to the B channel and look for the inverted triangle. 

This is the area of the curve you need to adjust for the yellow you wanted to fix.  in order to keep the change from spreading to other areas you do not want to effect you need to "pin" the curve. 

On the center of the A curve right click again and select "Pin Curve" on the submenu select the half of the curve that is the blue side of your LAB graph and pin it.

Now go and adjust the curve under the inverted triangle mark.

The net effect will be that only the yellows in the general area you want are effected.  Without this the curve will pivot around a single point you set and you get the twisted curves that look like and "s" or inverted "s" this technique isolates the color you want to correct and you can add pins to the other end of the curve above or below your adjustment to further limit the impact of the change...


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