A small question

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A small question

Postby Tildy » Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:45 am

In this paragraph:

[i]For starters, can you spot the RGB numbers that correspond to pure red, green, and blue? Of the remaining colors in RGB, the only tricky one is yellow, which is magically created by equal amounts of red and green. In Lab, the first number tells you how bright the image is, and the second two numbers give the color, with positve values for those two numbers indicating warm colors, and negative numbers cold colors. HSB is a re-arrangement of RGB, with the last number indicating brightness, and the first number indicating the location, in degrees, of the color on the Hue Clock, red being 0 degrees. CMYK is not much more difficult, once you know that cyan is red, magenta is green, and yellow is blue.

...I'm confused by the last sentence. Up is down...? :D

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Re: A small question

Postby Tildy » Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:50 am

There is a link missing from Lesson 2 here:

So What’s in a Neutral?
When it comes to image correction; a great deal. In most images there is usually some item or area that should appear to your eyes to be Gray. Not Green Gray or Yellow Gray but just plain old Gray. These areas are extremely important to the overall process of image correction and using curves. Items like concrete, black tires, white shirts, shadows on a white wall, certain parts of clouds are all good locations to try to set a neutral point.
The neutral point of an image can be defined in many different ways; terms like “middle gray”, “neutral gray”, and “mid-tone gray” all have been used to define a specific color that for lack of a better term lacks color or hue in perception. The color has definite values and depending on the color space we are using has different properties.
If you have not already read the article on color spaces and curves from last week you can find it here: [missing link]

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Re: A small question

Postby gregmeister_admin » Fri Feb 24, 2017 10:17 am

These should be corrected.

The CMYK language was certainly confusing...sorry about that sometimes we get lazy when we write.

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