Week 04, Example 01 RGB

This board is for the September 2007 Curvemeister 101 class
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Postby mikemeister_admin » Mon Oct 01, 2007 10:08 am

Hello again

As suggested I first tried to remove the blue from the dark feathers by adjusting the Blue curve in RGB mode. Although I considered myself successful, I am dissatisfied when I compared it to my subsiquent efforts in Lab mode.
To me it seems to be a greeny yellow rather than a golden yellow.


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Postby ggroess » Mon Oct 01, 2007 12:19 pm

It does look green...

Hmm...were you able to fix that??  You should be able to...

Lab does a fair job on this image...Many students have taken to using both RGB and Lab.  First pass in RGB then take it into LAB.


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