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Postby ggroess » Thu Nov 07, 2013 9:28 pm


Greetings..sorry it has taken so long to get back to you on these..I intended to reply last week but the trip to San Francisco was most eventful.  While Mike was an AWESOME host as always...My wife decided to have her appendix out for fun and not so much profit as an emergent procedure in the City by the Bay.

In any case; all is well...

Now to your image.  You have a Blue problem...See shots below.
To solve this you will have to break it down into 2 parts. 

1) Because the blue in the mountain snow is the give away you are trying to whiten it a bit but not too much.  You can go back and do a by the numbers correction on the image as it stands and see how much you can get back as part 1.  See shot 1 below:

2) once you remove part of the color cast using a BTN correction and getting your natural neutrals to look right you can go after the Cyan left over in the snow.  The adjustment is pretty narrow but the color worm is your friend and you can set a mark and move Cyan curve as shown.  See Shot 2.

Now that you have those removed you have a wonderful image...

You were not that far off...
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Postby tmanley » Fri Nov 08, 2013 9:35 am

Thanks, Greg!  I appreciate your taking the time to work on these.  They certainly look 100% better!  I hope your wife is doing OK!  That is one of my nightmares of travel.  We are on a farm in Italy right now, very farm from any medical help.  Both of us have had our appendixes removed so that won't be a problem!  We are getting older, though, so health is always an issue.  I've taken many, many photos in the five days we've been here and we have two weeks to go!  I will wait to work on any of them until I get back home to my big computer and all of my Curvemeister notes!

Thanks, again!


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