CM101 Class sample documents and other information

Post here if you have purchased a ticket for Curvemeister 101 or 201 classes.
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Postby ggroess » Tue Jun 25, 2013 2:53 pm

A prospective student asked a very good question.....

"How can I plunk down my $50 when I do not even know what I am buying?"

Attached is a PDF file from week 1 and parts of week 2 for you to see and help you decide.  Week 1 is information we want everyone to have in general anyway...and week 2 gives you a better understanding of the material we cover.

Some other things to note about the CM101 class:

1) Generally we do a live session with the class where we connect via Skype and a screen share program.  I will be willing to do this online session weekly on Fridays so long as there are interested students.

2) CM101 is yours to keep.  We will provide PDF's, sample images, and videos.  You will have access to them for the next 2 years or so on-line and we have provided DVD copies for students willing to pay shipping and handling typically under $20.

3) Access to the forum means you can ask questions any time about image correction.  We often tackle problems that are outside curves and everyone learns from each other.

We are excited about teaching you and we want you to be confident that you have gotten your moneys worth.  Please ask questions we want to be clear and open with all of you...

Greg Groess and Mike Russell
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