We love a challenge! If you have an image that you think can be better, post it here and see what the rest of us can do with it.
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Postby julie » Fri Oct 14, 2016 12:55 pm

I am having trouble figuring out how to improve the look a specific shadow in this image
its the dark patch under the reddish corrugated iron roofing on the upper right

I have not done much here yet
a bit of noise reduction, piccure, luminosity correction and BTN


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Re: sugestions

Postby Tildy » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:18 am

A very conservative start :D

Julie shadow test.jpg

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Re: sugestions

Postby artmar » Mon Oct 17, 2016 10:29 am

I thought the brown rust colored panel was not very interesting (shadow or no shadow), although I did try to fix it.
But I gave up, and made it partake of the graffiti motif.
It looks to me more integrated compositionally, but of course opinions vary widely about such things :)

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