"Ground Level" - Photo Assignment, July 2012

We want to see you out shooting pictures!
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Postby mikemeister_admin » Thu Jul 05, 2012 7:59 pm

July 2012 brings a new feature to the Curvemeister community — something that we've wanted to do for quite some time — photo assignments! Fittingly, the theme of our inaugural photo assignment is "Ground Level"…

As mentioned by Greg, each month we will be encouraging you to get out there shooting, and to share with us your very best images. Oftentimes we only share those images of ours that need the most help; as a community I'm sure we'd also love to see each others best work...

So, July brings forth our inaugural photo assignment: "Ground Level". All you have to do is photograph your interpretation of Ground Level and submit your image(s) via our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/Curvemeister); you'll be selecting the most successful image yourselves!

We would love for you to participate in this assignment; if you would like to, the procedure is as follows:

  • To participate simply upload up to 3 images to our Facebook page* before midnight

22nd July (US/Eastern time). Include a sentence or two about how you approached the topic, and any technical details that you think are important.
  • Between 23rd and 29th July, as a community we will all have the opportunity to vote for our favourite image(s), and if you're participating you will be able to promote your image(s) via Facebook, Twitter, or email—allowing your friends to vote for them!

  • The winning image will win a free Curvemeister 101 course (or a personal consultation with Greg Groess if preferred)!

    We can't wait to see your photographs - good luck to you all!


    *When you get to our Facebook page, click the 'Photo Contest' link at the top to get to the submissions page. Also, you'll need to 'Like' the page in order to enter the contest...

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    Postby imported_julie » Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:20 pm

    this is a great idea and I would like to be able to participate but do not want to join up to facebook.
    Any way around this.


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    Postby ggroess » Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:21 pm

    Send the image you want to post to Lee or myself and we'll get it on the site for voting. 



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    Postby mikemeister_admin » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:01 pm

    For Julie, and anyone else reticent about participation...

    As Greg says, we can post your images on your behalf, so don't be overly concerned. On the other hand, if lots of you request that we do that, it could become a bit of an administrative problem so we'll have to see how that goes.

    I do have a few points that I'd like to raise:

    Firstly, although there is a monthly prize, we deliberately named this new feature 'Photo Assignment' rather than 'Photo Contest' because its purpose is to encourage us all to take more photos. Speaking personally, I am not a professional photographer, so I don't take photos very regularly. For me, a monthly assignment will encourage me to be a more active photographer; therefore - at least from my own point-of-view - the prize is irrelevant, because the actual prize is that I'll be taking more photographs. I suspect that there are other members of the community who will also welcome the monthly encouragement, purely in terms of increased picture making.

    So, in approaching the assignment from that point-of-view, anyone who isn't keen on using Facebook can still follow along with the assignment privately, and get all of those personal benefits (although, as Greg and I have said, we can still post on your behalf if need be).

    So, why Facebook?

    • The features of the contest application that we are using are far better than anything that we could have integrated into the Curvemeister website directly.

    • We have a better opportunity to expand the Curvemeister community via Facebook*

    *Curvemeister isn't advertised (as far as I'm aware); the community has grown by word-of-mouth. Running the assignment via Facebook will allow that 'word-of-mouth' awareness to bring new people to the community - something that won't happen if the assignment is run solely through the forum.

    The YouTube videos, the new website design, the Twitter account (http://twitter.com/curvemeister/), and the Facebook page have all been put in place to help grow the community. As a member of the community I'd like to see this happen because:

    • The forum discussion will be more frequent.

    • New people will bring ideas we've yet to hear - which may bring about new techniques.

    Finally, I only began using Facebook about three weeks ago - specifically in order to help set this photo assignment feature up. I've been holding out for years, and always said that I'd never, ever set up a Facebook account. Over the last few weeks I've discovered that my avoidance was unnecessary. Sure, I dare say that I won't really use it for much else besides Curvemeister (I've always been suspicious of those people who have 2,000 Facebook 'Friends' - surely no-one's quite that popular!) What I've discovered is this:

    • The sign-up process only takes 30 seconds

    • You don't need to use Facebook socially if you don't want to - it doesn't force you to be friends with anybody if you don't want to

    • You don't need to add much personal information, and whatever you do add can remain completely private - visible only to yourself

    • You can easily tell Facebook not to send you emails, so you don't really need to be aware of your account

    The benefits of a Facebook account are:

    • You can participate in Curvemeister Photo Assignments more easily

    • Many other websites will allow you to create accounts using your Facebook log-in, so creating accounts on other websites becomes much less painful, and you don't have to remember handfuls of usernames/passwords

    In any case, we hope that these assignments will encourage you to go out with your camera more regularly, and that they benefit your photography. To that end we will support you as best we can.

    Best regards,

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    Postby leeharper_admin » Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:04 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to remind everybody that the deadline for submitting your (up to 3) images for this month's photo assignment is this coming Sunday. Specifically, you'll need to upload your images to the Facebook page (http://bit.ly/NDh1WE) before midnight 22nd July (US/Eastern time).

    From 23rd July everyone will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite image (and if you've entered the contest, you'll be able to send your friends directly to your image(s) so that they can vote too!

    Remember that if your image wins then you'll win either a Curvemeister 101 course, or a personal consultation with Greg - whichever you'd prefer.

    We're really looking forward to seeing how you've interpreted the 'Ground Level' topic!

    Best of luck,

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    Postby mikemeister_admin » Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:38 am

    Congratulations Chris!


    A huge thank you to all those who participated, and well done to Chris for winning this contest (we'll be in touch shortly, Chris).

    It was great to see so many different approaches to the topic; we hope that you all enjoyed participating and that working on an 'assignment' gave you additional impetus to get out with your camera and take some pictures  :)

    We're already looking forward to seeing your interpretations of 'Pattern' - our August photo assignment (more details to follow)...

    Our thanks to you all,

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