Hexachrome support in CS4, other ways to convert to hexachrome

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Dear Mr. Mike Russell,

Henk Gianotten (the Dutch prepress guru) advised me to contact you.
I have a few questions concerning the use of the hexachrome printing process.
Hopefully you can shine some light on this subject:

I'm pleasantly flattered to have been recommended for this.  I should add that I do not consider myself to be a good authority on hexachrome, since I lack any practical experience with hexachrome printing, or with prepress in general.  I did some work on a modified version of the hexwrench plugin, and that may be where Mr. Gianotten connected me with hexachrome.  With that caution, and also the caution that many people consider hexachrome to be a failure, here is the advice I can offer.

- Which do you consider to be the best tools for the conversion of RGB images into the 6 color separations needed for the hexachrome printing process?

Photoshop CS4 will do convert to hexachrome.  Here's an article by Brian Lawler that discusses this:

If you do not have access to CS4, here is another procedure.  If you can get a copy of Hexwrench, that may work with current versions of Photoshop.  Failing that, there is a free tiff conversion utility available at DryCreekPhoto that will do general purpose ICC conversions, and I have used it (or an earlier version) successfully with hexachrome files.  The link is:

- Do you know of any source to get a reliable set of icc profiles for hexachrome printing on different paper types?

Pantone distributes coated and uncoated hexachrome profiles that are also mentioned in the above article:


Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,
Jo Brunenberg

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