New PPW panels

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Postby imported_julie » Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:38 am


Thanks both for the answers, I will try all suggestions.
I think I have more of an idea now, but have lots of trouble with my own judgement.
It keeps changing over time!!

I think I have been ok about recognising my goals in sharpening.
Sometimes I am looking for pin sharp and other times a much softer effect
Thank you for reminding me of output.
Most of the images live in my computer and I do not think to adjust sharpening when occasionally I want to print. I do change the saturation though.

Oh well, something else to consider, and learn about.

I became interested in photography and post processing when looking for something that would stimulate me both creatively and intellectually.
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Postby sjordan93436 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 4:29 pm

The new panel has a exclude blues.  Perhaps that does not go far enough.  Skies of any color do not need sharpening (perhaps an overstatement).  Sharpen and back off or mask or do over. 

Some gurus say do not do capture sharpen.  One of our CM persons uses FocusMagic at 1 pixel.  The same gurus claim that the destination and the size of the print and closeness of viewing make a difference.  30 by 40 print on a wall for impact different than a 30 by 40 that people get close too. 

My default destination is the screen.  If I want to go big, I assume that I might need to start over.  If I go small 5 by 7, it is okay.

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