Final use of corrected image

Do you have a systematic way to process your images?
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Postby Rickypics » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:12 pm

Hello Forum,

My workflow issues seem very parochial to me now that I have had a chance to view what you all are posting in regards to workflow.

As a preface, the following is limited to location lighting and not work done in the studio or under mono blocks where I am in control of the lighting.

Once I acquire the images from my source I throw away anything that is not pretty decent to begin with. If my images have big problems then I made mistakes in the field. I find those mistakes in the first edit process and do my best to never do whatever it was again. If the exposure is off or the image is simply flat then they are discarded. That is step one.

The next, and very major decision is final use of the image. If I do not have a specific output goal then the image is not touched. I do not work on an image that I do not have a firm understanding of where it will end up, either cmyk print, inkjet, dye-sub print, web, newsprint, or simply a request for the original image. How I handle the image is dictated by where it is headed.

I have a hard time guessing how blue to make a sky, or how warm to make a face, or how white to make white, or how red that red really is. 

I look forward to coming up to speed with you folks and contributing more than just this quick post.

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Postby ggroess » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:26 pm

Rick after reading your other posts in The techniques thread I think you have some interesting work flow items that we all can learn from.  I really think your process needs to be described and maybe the forum can help with some suggestions for changes that might benefit your overall process.  You do large volumes of images and we are certainly interested in the way you handle that on a weekly or even daily basis.


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