Do you have a systematic way to process your images?
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Postby ggroess » Sun Mar 22, 2009 10:23 pm

This thread has been started as a place for people to discuss work flow and other process related issues.  It sprang out of the last CM101 class and it is an open ended discussion.  Mike and I hope that you will all be willing to participate, discuss and suggest work flows. 

Little Boy Mad is a possible work flow to correct the image.  We are certain there are many other approaches and would like you to take on a similar issue and present your work flow.

We completely understand the risk of critique and will moderate this board for appropriate responses.  We want this to be open and discussable but disagreement must be polite and supported with examples of something that might work better.  "Nay saying" is discouraged and will be edited as needed to keep the board open and friendly.

Let's all learn something together and see where this can take us...


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