Hue clocks of the standard pins

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Postby sjordan93436 » Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:48 am

For my education, I made swatches of the "standard" pins.  I then tagged hue clocks. 

I hope you enjoy.

Greenery- hue clock should be on the yellow side of green.  (3 o clock or so).  Cyan side of green BAD.

Sky- around 7 o clock.  6 o clock (Cyan) is easy and BAD.  The Magenta side of B BAD.

Skin-  12:30 and short (hour) length of arm. 

BTW- the hue clock gadget agrees with the hue clocks of jpg.  The hue clock numbers agree with the numbers of the swatches.  Amazing.

color-swatch-jpg (999 Bytes) Viewed 6717 times

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Postby ggroess » Sat Nov 13, 2010 4:06 pm

Did you find any instances where there were issues?? 
Also what version of CM are you running now??

Just checking....3.2.5 should be good to go for 32 bits in PS and PSE

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Postby sjordan93436 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:38 am

I'm on 3.2.4  32  bit on both machines.

I have 64 bit installed also, but I am working in 32 bit.  I decided that I want to be working and learning and not debugging for a while.  Since my workflow (for now) has limited number of layers and no panoramas or huge files, this is not a problem. 

I am applying my new stuff (CM) and it is doing better.  I am leaving the tough ones behind for a while.  Unfortunately, I have some bad, but important photos with "needs."

BTW- I notice that the hue clocks on the skin do go between noon and 1 depending on the person skin color and age.  Left of noon - BAD.  Right of one- BAD.

I will post an interesting one here to see if anyone can help. 

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