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Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 7:18 pm
by Alan9940
Hello All,

Not sure if anyone on these boards can help me, but thought I'd give it a try...

I used Curvemeister (version 1) a long time ago and, somehow through all the various system/software upgrades I "lost" it. I recently started re-reading Dan M's "Photoshop LAB Color" and had the thought that working in LAB would probably work out very nicely for a project I have coming up. Next thought...Curvemeister! I'd like to upgrade to the most recent version 3--and I believe I'm eligible to do that based on what I've read on the website--but somewhere along the line I lost my serial number and the computer that I used years ago has long been defunct. I tried retrieving my serial number via Kagi (based on an e-mail receipt that I luckily still have) but just get errors. I tried contacting the Curvemeister folks via the website but haven't heard anything back, yet; no sure my message went anywhere.

If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

Best regards,

Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:26 am
by ggroess
I will make sure Mike Russell Sees this posting he will be able to better help you out.

Welcome to the forum!


Posted: Sun Oct 06, 2013 5:53 pm
by Alan9940
Hello Greg,

I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Best regards,

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2013 8:18 am
by -default
Hi Alan - I'll send you an email.  - Mike

PS - thanks, Greg, for keeping an eye out.

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:01 am
by -default
Hi Alan,

Just wanted to post here to mention that your request for a serial number and upgrade was taken care of via email and the ticket system.  Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:27 am
by billbrandi
I too need help with a serial number.  I purchased CM back in 2010 and need to update and reinstall.  Help!!!  Serial number?????

Posted: Tue Jun 03, 2014 3:54 am
by geigy
Bill - you should be receiving an email with your serial number shortly.

All the best,


Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:15 am
by mfpedro
Hi there,

I also have a problem retrieving my old serial number, thanks in advance for the help!


Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 10:53 am
by gregmeister_admin
I'll forward this onto Mike Russell to see if he can get you going!


Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 11:42 pm
by mikemeister_admin
Thanks for forwarding, Greg.

I will do my best to follow news posts. I can respond more quickly to serial number requests if you email me at, or fill out a ticket on the ticket system.