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Postby -default » Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:02 pm

Sorry about that! 

Sometimes things fall through the cracks, and that obviously happened in your case.  Someone else happened to mention this thread, and I noticed that I had never wrapped things up by announcing the new version!

BTW - the manage pins command is accessed by right clicking on the Pin Palette - the window with the pin icons.

Keep me posted on whether it works in your situation or not. 


Niels Rasmussen
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Postby Niels Rasmussen » Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:02 pm

The latest release of Curvemeister, v3.4.1, the "Manage Pins" command has been expanded to have the ability to change the pin file folder to a different location, moving the pins along with it.  There is also additional installer logic to make sure the pin files are writeable after the installation process.

Hi Mike, I have just updated my CM to latest version and thought I'd see if I could save pins - but it didn't work.  I can access the 'manage pins' dialogue box but how do I change the location of the pin file?  I am, admittedly, a little thick when it comes to computers so I need a little help here. Many thanks and regards, Niels Rasmussen

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Postby -default » Sat Jun 16, 2012 11:18 pm

Hi Neils,

The first thing to check is that all the pin file names have "rw" next to them. If they  don't that's an important clue to me to know what's happening on your system.  Please see the attached image to see how the dialog looks on my system.

Next step is to click on the button marked "...", and then select a folder that you know you can create files in.  Curvemeister will move the pins to that folder, and then you should have the ability to save new pins.

I say "should" advisedly - there is obviously something going on on your system that I don't understand, and we have have to resort to a remote support session, where I control your computer remotely while talking to you on the phone.

Sorry this is dragging on so long!  I hope we can fix this quickly.

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