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Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:03 pm
by leeharper_admin
Something that could be done with the pin library that could be really useful to product photographers would be to add Pantone pins.

There are quite a few, so rather than just selecting 'Pantone' from the drop-down menu (in the 'Reference Pins' area in my UI mock-up) and getting everything, there would need to be a way to drill down to a particular swatch.

I guess that if there is going to be an online sharing component to the pin library feature, it would be useful anyway to create some kind of search functionality. If the UI allowed search, it would make incorporating the Pantone swatches a very useful feature (imagine as a product photographer being able to drag a pin onto the image to match a swatch; it would speed up that type of work enormously).

Just something to think about,