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This board is for new users looking for some help between the Curvemeister classes.
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  • Please remember to re-size your images to fit under the 300kb limit per image.  
    You can have up to 800kb per post but no more than 300kb per attached image.  
    If your images are small you can attach up to 8 of them.

  • If you are new to image re-sizing you can use the PS or PSE "save for web" command under the "file" menu to help you re-size the image.  You might want to keep the overall image size to 1024X1024 as upper limits for both horizontal and vertical sizes.  Just set the quality value to give you an Image that is less than 300kb.

  • To attach the image to your posting click on the "+ Additional Options" link and select the file using the browse button. See greg1.jpg.

  • You might want to look into a freeware printscreen program.  I use Gadwin Printscreen version 4.3 is free. This will help you capture screens that include the curves windows and to help us work with you on your images.

  • You can save a curve file as an .ACV file.  These files are able to be attached to an e-mail or posting to the forum and allow us to help figure out problems.  These are optional files and not required.  We may ask for one if we are having trouble getting to the bottom of a problem in an image.  To save a curve file you need to click on the save button.  This will open the Save as Dialog box. See greg2.jpg.  Name your file and save it to the desktop if you like.  You can then attach it just like a image file as described above.

  • Please ask questions...We really want to help you understand how to use the CM plug in.

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