Highlight and Shadow Details With Lizard Tails

Curve Technique used to restore bright highlights and or dark shadow details.
The same technique can be used for bringing details back to the highlights.
For this example I am using the shadow detail.

Using LAB:

Starting with the shadows:

This is the area of the image we want to enhance and restore details into.
Start by setting a marker in the area so that you can see where the tonal value is on the curve.
Right Click on the image in the area you want and select “Mark” .

Move this part of the curve downward <in this example> to brighten the pixels in this image with the same values as the pixels under the sample marker.
Notice the hidden details that are showing up on the image. Also note the increased length of the worm on the curve line.

The next step is to adjust the curve to bring back the contrast and lower the values of the mid- range.

Next we need to bring the curve “under control” by adding a few more points to straighten it out.

The shadow details are now visible in the image and the mid-range tones are still intact.
Many times it is necessary to enlarge the CM window to more than half of the screen in order to be able to make this adjustment effectively.

Increase the saturation of the image using the saturation slider and you are done.