Let’s start with an image having the lightness curve already adjusted the way we want it.

Change to the A channel in CM and set a mark in the green area you want to improve.
* To set a mark you right click on the image and choose “mark” from the menu.
* The marker will be serving as a reference starting  point for the curve move we will be making after the next step.

Next you need to “Pin” the curve using the “pin” function.

To pin the curve, right click on the CM window near the center and choose “pin grid” this will open the sub-menu for which part of the grid you want to pin.

For this example choose the “lower left” option. <image below>

Notice all the control points set on the left of the center.
These will lock the red so that changes to the green do not effect the red.

This is what it will look like when it is “pinned” correctly.

Next move the point you marked on the curve upward and towards the center.

The example below is extreme but it serves to illustrate the power of a single color correction.

Notice that none of the other colors have shifted the browns and whites stay as they were, only the greens and colors with a green component have changed.
Let’s see if we can get rid of the Cyan look and make the green more true.

Switch to the B Channel for the next adjustment.
Pin the upper right using the same technique shown above.

Again we are using extreme color for this example to illustrate the ability.
The corrections you will want make using this technique will be far more subtle.