Empowering Your Photographic Vision

Curvemeister is a color correction plugin for Photoshop and Elements.  Finesse your images, as never before.  Your own concept of how your photographs should look, and how to make them look that way, are more valuable to you than any piece of equipment or software.  Curvemeister is a tool that uses curves to consistently improve color and contrast.  Your photographs look as you intended.  Each of us starts his or her color correction career by looking at the screen and adjusting the image to make it look better.  Unfortunately, this is like tuning an old color TV, adjust one thing and something else about the image is not quite right.  One answer to this is a simple, but powerful technique pioneered by Dan Margulis, who has given us his permission to designate him as the father of Curvemeister – systematic color adjustment by the numbers.  Do a series of well-defined operations, and you will improve your images.

Loaded with Power

The power of the Lab, CMYK, and HSB color spaces are at your fingertips in a way that is simply, astonishing.  Because of this, Curvemeister’s tools give you more control over your adjustments, giving you new power to create jaw dropping images!   Curves are probably the most flexible, simple tool in Photoshop.  Once you have a basic understanding of the concepts of shadow, highlight, and neutral, which are built into Curvemeister, by simply clicking on a tab you can apply those adjustments across several color spaces, and pick the one that you like best.   Use color pins to adjust skin tones and other well-known colors that, when improved, will carry over into improving the rest of the image.  Use masks from four different color spaces to correct for variable color casts, or to add color to the brightest areas of your image.

In-Depth and Online Classes and Tutorial Videos

Curvemeister loves to provide you with online videos where you participate, either directly via an on line video discussion session or indirectly by suggesting topics for video tutorials.   We are very proud of, and generous with our online video material, and much of it is available for free.

Extensive Documentation

Curvemeister comes with documentation that is loaded with examples, techniques, and explanations written in a lively but down to earth technical style. On its own, at least according to the author, the manual is worth the price of admission!.  Color spaces are conceived of as tools, that may be used in different ways, always illustrated with an example image, and an invitation to download the original image for your own experimentation.  Theories are discussed, but always as applied theories, not hand waving, and although we do consider ourselves to be authorities on color adjustment, we try to place no reliance on authority to make a point.  With Curvemeister, the curve is the thing, but only to the extent that it improves a specific image