Curvemeister Refresher Class

This is a one hour video session that covers the basics: shadow, highlight, neutral, and skin tone. It will be followed by a question and answer session.  You will receive individual attention from one of our instructors, Greg Groess, and Mike Russell. 

Please consult the enrollment page for exact date and time.  You may enroll anytime up to and including the time that the class.

Because this is a live streaming class, you will need to install and test Skype, and coordinate your class time with the local time of the class, which for this class is Pacific Standard time.  Use this site, or a similar one, to make sure you connect at the correct time, as described on the purchase page.

 Curvemeister: Refresher

  • Installation
  • Shadow
  • Highlight
  • Neutral / skin tone
  • Questions and answers