Curvemeister 201 Class Outline        

The class is divided into 5 sessions. There is a weekly conference all and screen share session in which you can discuss your questions and participate in an over all class discussion.  Classes are coordinated via the Curvemeister forum and you will receive individual attention from one or both of our instructors, Greg Groess, and Mike Russell. You will receive new instructions and materials at the start of each Session.  A Weekly Discussion group is introduced and CM201 members are encouraged to maintain participation in this weekly call.

Your assignments may be completed by you at any time during the course and you may post them for review on the forum.

To join the class, sign up on the membership page in a short time, you’ll receive an information e-mail with a link to the class forum board as well as access to the class materials.

You may enroll in this class anytime.

Curvemeister 201: Week 1

  • Welcome to the Class
  • Rube Goldberg’s Machine
  • First a Test…
  • Assignment: Spot the Differences
  • Seeing: Learning To “See”, A Parallel Track in CM201
  • Assignment: On The Face of It…
  • Seeing: Learning to Read and Losing Sight of Details.
  • Assignment: Time to begin Seeing
  • Seeing : The Image Analysis Process
  • Assignment: Do a “Seeing” analysis of the Bryce Canyon image.
  • Assignment: Your Opinion Counts
  • Assignment: How good is your color perception?
  • My Workflow: 

Curvemeister 201: Week 2

  • Seeing: Ordinary, Sharpened, Heightened, and Transfigured Vision
  • Seeing: Vision Deadeners
  • Seeing: Playing the Simile Game
  • Tonal Contrast: it’s all there in Black and White…
  • Building good contrast leads to great images.
  • Changing the Channel: Not just a Television clicker task…
  • Using a variation of The Zone System in Curvemeister.

Curvemeister 201: Week 3

  • Seeing: Better Seeing and Vision Enhancers
  • Seeing: Wasting Time
  • Seeing: Knowing Your Audience
  • Assignment: Spot the Differences
  • Assignment: Essay about an Image
  • Seeing: Visit the Masters
  • Assignment: Compare and contrast real life image
  • Black and White Conversions
  • Is There A Better Way?

 Curvemeister 201: Week 4

  • Seeing: The Reporters Eye
  • Seeing: Sketch it out
  • Seeing: Review and summation
  • Color is Fascinating:
  • Correctness: By The Numbers
  • Seeing and Color By the Numbers:
  • Sample Size Matters:
  • Memory Colors: Introduction
  • Contrast:
  • Color Contrast Types:
  • Color Range:
  • The Color Expansion Technique:
  • The Mechanics of the Color Expansion: 
  • Perception:
  • Memory Colors
  • HK Effect
  • The Bell Curve: Masking for HK Effect

Curvemeister 201: Week 5

  • Putting it all together
  • Definitions and Terms
  • Color Space and ICC profile
  • Camera Processes
  • Output Processes, Web, Screen, and Print
  • My printer output does not match my !?#* screen! Now What?
  • Getting Control: Step 1 Analysis
  • Getting Control: Step 2 Data Collection
  • Getting Control Step 3: Taking Action
  • Resolution:
  • Assignment: Printing Ring-Around (Total recommended time 4-6 hours)
  • Assignment: Repeat Ring Around for Brightness…(Total recommended time 1-2 hours)
  • Challenge Images