Curvemeister 101 Class Description

The class will last for six weeks. Classes are coordinated via a private forum and you will receive individual attention from one or both of our instructors, Greg Groess, and Mike Russell. You will receive new instructions and materials at the start of each week. Assignments may be completed by you at any time during the week.

To join the class, purchase a Curvemeister 101 class “ticket” at the store.  Within the next few minutes, you’ll receive an email with instructions and a link to a private section of the forum, where you will post a short note that you have enrolled in the class.

The next class date will be announced shortly. You may enroll anytime up to and including the first week of class.

 We are looking forward to seeing you at the Curvemeister 101 class!

Curvemeister: Week 1

  • Welcome to the Class
  • Installing Curvemeister
  • The Color Wizard:
  • A Dark Day in Duck-Land
  • How Curves Work

Curvemeister: Week 2

  • Rearranging Curvemeister’s Windows and Buttons
  • The Hue Clock, a Visual Speedometer
  • Color Spaces are Countries
  • Say Hello to Lab Color
  • Increasing Contrast using RGB and Lab mode
  • Adding texture to Highlights, Shadows, and MidTones
  • Finding the Shadow and Highlight
  • Color Casts and How to Remove Them
  • Finding the Neutral Point in a Photo
  • Using the Hue Clock to Correct a Neutral
  • Using Floating Neutrals to control Overall Brightness

Curvemeister: Week 3

  • Color Correction “By the Numbers”
  • Calibrating your Monitor and Printer
  • Fixing Multiple Color Casts with RGB and the Hue Clock
  • Pinning Skin Tones
  • Fixing Blue Shadows

Curvemeister: Week 4

  • Contrast Pinning to Increase the Contrast of an Object
  • Histograms
  • Copying a Channel for use in Photoshop or Elements
  • Comparing Colors
  • Measuring Statistics
  • Smart Filters (Photoshop Only)
  • Painting a Fire Engine Green
  • Painting a Car Yellow

Curvemeister: Week 5

  • The Wonderfulness of Mask
  • Selecting a Mask Channel and Inverting the Mask
  • Darkening a Sky and Making it More Blue
  • Adding Color Without Creating “Demon Eyes”
  • Masking by Lightness

Curvemeister: Week 6

  • Dan Margulis’s “Man From Mars” Procedure
  • Man from Mars, on Steroids Using the A and B Channels to Drive Colors Apart
  • Using Masks With Selections
  • Using an Alpha Channel as a Mask
  • Class is Almost Finished