Example 2 Solution: Pagoda of the Five Concubines


Click the play button to see a video version of this solution.

The first decision is which color we find the most interesting, and want to create variations on. I chose the reddish wood color of the pagoda.

Other choices are possible – for example the neutral color of the stone or concrete path, or the tree trunk.












Now the “Man from Mars” part. We crank up the colors, to an extent that we would never see in a real photograph.















Our last act, as the official Man from Mars, is to bump the brightness to an unreal level.

Now kick in the retro rockets, ’cause it’s time to head back to Earth.











Pick a mask, any mask, and set the shape of the mask curve to a horizontal line. Control click on both ends to select them, and you can move the horizontal curve line, as if it were a slider.5











Make a subjective judgement as to when you have a reasonable looking image.  Here’s the final adjustment, which uses about 1/4 of the man from mars version, 3/4 original image.

That’s all, folks, and happy curving!










For best viewing, adjust your monitor until you can see all the squares.